Moiré Sensors
3D measurement DMD system
for large areas
High-speed, precise 3D large area & step measurement
nXM-1 delivers 3D measurement using the Moiré method and DMD
(Digital Micro-mirror Device). Using DMD to acquire multiple pattern images
at high speed can measure products with height depth. Since it has various FOV
(Max. 310㎜ X 310㎜), nXM-1 proves to be highly useful in measuring multiple spots,
from precision products to steps of large areas.
nXM-1 is an optimal product that can use when you need to quickly measure
various structures such as PCB components and balls with a precision
of several ㎛ in a large area. In addition, multiple DMDs solve the issue of shadow,
and it is possible to provide only the DMD optical system upon a customer’s request.
Key Features
· Various FOVs applied
· Measuring of products
with height depth
· Applicable to the mass production line
· Fast measuring
and data acquisition
· Simple measurement process
· Various data analysis
· Easy user interface
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Measuring model Measuring technology Test content Measuring data
Large-area measurement with WSI interferometers
FOV extensive application
Micro Bump Height
Monolayer membrane thickness measurement
PCB fine pattern
Processed surface roughness measurement
Sensor step-difference measurement
Free-Form Metrology
Divided inspection possible according to product curve angels
Inspection of lens and glass, and measurement of shapes
Inspection of OLED surfaces, and measurement of shapes
Inspection of wafer surfaces, and measurement of shapes
Real-time measurement of transparent and semitransparent product thickness
Applicable to multi-channels
Measurement of wafer(silicone, sapphire) thickness
Measurement of glass and film thickness