3D Free-Form Measuring
Freeform surface
measuring system
3D surface shape measurement of products
with various curved & specular/rough surfaces
nXF-3 is the world’s first product to measure the warp & bow
of highly reflective or transparent products such as wafers
and films by applying ‘deflectometry’.
By providing quantitative and accurate measurement values
as well as the surface shape of products, it improves process stabilization
and efficiency. In addition, it can measure and inspect the surface shape of
various specular materials to measure warpage and dents on the film surface,
secondary battery pouch, hydrogen battery thin plate, automobile paint,
and so on, with high reliability.
Key Features
· Inspection of shiny
or transparent product surfaces
· Various FOVs applied
· Applicable to the mass production line
· High precision
· Simple measuring process
· Various data analysis
· Easy user interface
The world’s first wafer
hard face/rough face.
development of simultaneous
measurement technology.
Wheel Mark
Wafer Warpage
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